Cylinder Repair in Edmonton

At Northland Air Hydraulics Ltd., we know that you rely on only the best hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for your projects. Whether you’re operating excavators on the construction site of a new house or using a platen or other manufacturing machinery, you need hydraulic cylinders you can depend on. However, even the best equipment and machinery can develop problems. That’s where our factory trained technicians come in. We offer hydraulic cylinder repair to Edmonton area businesses and industries. We handle all types of repairs and maintenance for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and machinery. Our state-of-the-art repair and testing facility allow us to adapt to any problems you may have.

Northland Air Hydraulics Ltd. offers sales, service, and repair for a wide range of hydrostatic test systems in Edmonton and other equipment, including :

  • Hydraulic torque wrench systems

  • Hydraulic rams and jacks

  • Hydraulic cylinders

  • Hydraulic pumps

  • Electric pumps

  • Hand pumps

  • Air pumps

  • Porto-Power® products

  • Mechanical jacks

  • Screw jacks

  • Auto shop equipment

  • Transmission jacks

  • Enerpac® products

  • Air/pneumatic tools

  • Hydraulic impact tools

We are Western Canada’s largest independent sales and service centre for Enerpac® products.


Common Problems Hydraulic Cylinders Face

Hydraulic cylinders can be used in a number of different industrial applications where they can sustain common issues like:

  • Seal leaks – A frequent cylinder issue, seal leaks are caused by poor metalwork clearances, incorrect fittings, markings on seal grooves, and corrosion.
  • Rod bearing or piston rod damage – Another common issue for hydraulic cylinders, rod bearing or piston rod damage is often caused by misalignment.
  • Internal barrel corrosion – When your cylinders are contaminated with foreign substances or water, it can cause corrosion. While you can try to keep foreign substance and water from accessing your internal cylinders, corrosion may also be an indicator that you’re using this equipment or machinery in the wrong environment.
  • Eye bearing and attachment breakage – It’s important to follow the suggested load specifications for your cylinders. Too much can cause eye bearings to break.

Scheduling regular inspections or planning routine maintenance can help protect your hydraulic cylinders from these common problems. If you should require cylinder repair in Edmonton, turn to Northland Air Hydraulic Ltd.

Your Experts in Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment and Tools

Does your business utilize hydraulic equipment and pneumatic tools during routine operation? Are you looking to purchase new equipment or have your existing equipment repaired? Whatever your needs may be, Northland Air Hydraulics Ltd. has you covered. We have been experts in the hydraulics and pneumatics industry for decades, and we serve countless commercial clients throughout Western Canada. Thank you for your interest in Northland Air Hydraulics Ltd. – the proud supplier of the top-quality hydraulic, pneumatic and hydrostatic test
systems Edmonton businesses have relied on since 1967.

For more information regarding our company or additional details regarding hydrostatic test systems in Edmonton and other equipment, please contact us.

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